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I've been coaching since 2016 and started this business in 2019. I've since coached or written training plans for 100s of people. Whether its to start running, improve their running and set big PBs or achieve goal races from 5k to 100k ultra marathons I have a wealth of experience to offer.


10 Years ago i was overweight, smoked 20 a day and never exercised. I was challenged to do the Mcr 10k and did it! It remains the proudest time in my running life as the training to purely complete it was so tough.

It took me months of training to be able to run for more than 10 minutes so i will understand any struggles you may face! Since then i have self coached my way to 7 marathons (my last sub 3 hours!) reduced my 10k time by 20 minutes and run countless races - its all a lot of fun and hard work but if I can do it anyone can! 

Outside of coaching I've been an Intensive Care nurse since 2004 and my medical knowledge has proven invaluable with injury advice, rehab, nutrition etc.. I am also about to qualify in level 4 sports massage so will be able to offer a discounted service to all clients.


I love coaching runners of all abilities and i feel with my experience and your hard work we can achieve your goals together, and have some fun! Check out my testimonials page for some past client's experiences


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