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I offer a variety of outdoor sessions to improve your technique, speed and strength. These come in the form of hill reps, speed intervals and bodyweight strength exercises. You will also learn technique drills and how to warm up and cooldown correctly. 

Weekday evenings I do these sessions at the Etihad Campus and adjacent Philips Park. There is also a running track available at a small extra charge. In the daytime I can also travel to other areas of Manchester if that is preferable and there is a suitable area to use.

If you're a brand new or returning runner then a Couch to 5k course is the best way to start. I can coach 1 of your runs per week - teaching you warm up, technique, cooldown etc.. and also run with you. You would then do the other 2 sessions per week solo but with remote guidance from me.

Some clients also book me to run with them - if they don't know the area, want company or just need someone to get them out of the door! 

I also do group interval and hill sessions with local running clubs and people who'd rather train with friends. These are priced separately and can be discussed 

If you're interested in any type of 1-2-1 session please get in touch and we can discuss the best type for you.

These 1 hour sessions are priced at £35-40

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